Lighting masts

The height of the lighting masts ranges from 20m to 55m. The structure consists of two or more sections, which are joint together using a spacer welded to the structure to ensure the fixation of the mast to the base, as well as the slip-joint method. Lighting masts can accommodate a certain number of light fixtures and can be equipped with different types of systems: stairs, ramps, and a basket with adjustable height, which facilitates maintenance of the masts in locations with limited access.
Conical steel masts, which are used for the mounting of lighting fixtures at hights, are usually installed in places which require the illumination of a large area:

  • sports fields,
  •  stadiums,
  •  airports,
  •  car parks,
  •  ports,
  •  other industrial zones, etc.

Lighting masts are designed in accordance with the EN 40 and EN 1090 standards, protected against corrosion using the hot galvanization method in accordance with the EN ISO 1641 standard, and can be coated into any RAL shade.